Success Story “Lysol, a fresh start”

A fresh start

Lysol used Facebook to drive awareness and sales of its newly launched Power and Free hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner in the U.S., increasing awareness by 7 percentage points and achieving a nearly 2X return on investment from product sales.
  • ~2Xreturn on ad spend
  • 50%of U.S. females 25-54 were reached with 95% accuracy
  • 3Xmore efficient at reaching its target audience than TV
  • 7-point increase in brand awareness

Their Story

On a mission for health

Lysol is fueled by a passion to do more for health through trust, innovation, superior products and education programs. The brand is owned by Reckitt Benckiser, which seeks to make a difference by providing people with innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. Its vision is a world where people are healthier and live better.
Their Goal

Driving awareness and sales

Nearly every family has a can of Lysol under the sink. But the household cleaner market is crowded, and it can be difficult for a new brand to stand out. Lysol had been hearing that moms wanted a product that cleaned as well as bleach does, but was as safe to use as water. More than four years in development, Power and Free is a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner that fulfilled that promise of a healthier way to clean. For this new product launch in the summer of 2012, Reckitt Benckiser wanted to achieve massive scale, build brand equity, and drive product sales.
“This has suddenly step-changed the trajectory of the Lysol brand within the cleaner category. Facebook is a key partner to help the company be better and more competitive overall. We stepped back and said ‘wow’: we’re touching people now.”
Laurent Faracci, Chief Marketing Officer, Reckitt Benckiser
Their Solution

Reaching moms with the right message

This was one of Reckitt Benckiser’s biggest product launches in years, and the brand wanted to create a national movement by reaching as much of its core audience—all U.S. females 25-54 years old—as it could. Because the Lysol brand is built on trust, it believed the best evangelists to spread the word on the new household cleaner were moms who trusted the brand. Knowing that moms were on Facebook and spent a lot of time there (nearly four times as much time as the average user), the brand decided to go big on the platform and use Facebook as a mom-to-mom influence engine. For the three-month campaign that ran from Aug. 29, 2012 to Nov. 30, 2012, Lysol first ran Facebook Ads to gain new fans for its Facebook Page, then focused largely on increasing the reach of its Page posts, which centered on the safe and friendly aspects of Power and Free cleaning products. It posted colorful images of parents playing with their children and text such as “Like if you love how Lysol Power and Free lets you clean with the harshness of bleach.” Two target blocks helped it reach 50% of its target audience, mostly by using News Feed to reach moms who check their mobile phones on the go. By the end of the campaign, over 70% of impressions had been delivered in mobile News Feed.
Products used

Their Success

Bang for its buck

Facebook lit up with conversations between moms about the new household cleaner. The campaign not only helped Lysol reinvigorate brand momentum, but also the whole cleaning category. People shared comments on Facebook and in the brand’s call centers like, “You cannot believe how you’re changing my life.” At the end of the three-month campaign, the brand conducted a Datalogix ROI study to determine the effect of Facebook ads on in-store sales.
  • ~2X return on ad spend
  • 50% of U.S. females 25-54 were reached with 95% accuracy (Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings)
  • 3X more efficient at reaching its target audience than TV
  • 8-point increase in purchase consideration (Nielsen BrandEffect)
  • 7-point increase in brand awareness (Nielsen BrandEffect)
  • 851564_529198570487532_2094687410_n

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